Effol SuperStar-Shine - TEST WINNER

Effol SuperStar-Shine has been rated best at the American Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine "The Chronicle of the Horse UnTACKED"


The spray will give your horse or pony a more brilliant shine than ever before – but without the coat, mane and tail taking on an artificial feel. Absolutely unique! Grooming becomes easier, shavings and straw can be removed with virtually no effort whilst combing. It will also successfully overcome the problem of split, dry hair. The skin-friendliness has been dermatologically tested and classified as “very good”. Effol SuperStar-Shine, furthermore, has been tested on top competition horses by over 30 international professional grooms – who also classified it as “very good”! The result is certainly most impressive! 
                                                      Here you can read the complete test report!
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