Effol Mouth-Butter

Effol Mouth Butter is ideal for increasing your horse's contentment and riding quality –
because friendship needs care.
Now available in banana flavour!
Meanwhile, to provide some more variety, Mouth-Butter ist also available in banana flavour, which can also stimulate the chewing activity. The rich formula helps the bit to slide more easily into a comfortable position in the horse´s mouth. Effol Mouth-Butter also protects even a sensitive mouth like a second skin and nourishes the particularly tender corners.

Effol Mouth Butter has been specially developed in collaboration with vets and riders in order to make horses as contented as possible.

- 75% of riders confirm an increase in contentment of their horses and a related improvement in riding quality after only two weeks

- 87.5% confirm an increase in chewing activity whilst riding, stimulated by the animating apple flavour.

- Almost all riders asked confirm the high care effect on the sensitive corners of the mouth.

- 100% of the riders questioned would buy Effol Mouth Butter and recommend it to others.


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